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The method, mission and message never change

and more missionaries are needed!



Luke 4:18 in action!


Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church


Our organization:

Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit, protestant, non-denominational, children oriented Christian ministry.



Our contact information:


Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church, Inc.

124 W. Ashley Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32202


Office Phone:  (904) 265-7252

Kimberly Hansen:  (904) 545-5336

Morgan Stark: (904)742-0508








Our goals:


Based on Luke 4:18, we use biblical principles to teach children and their parents a better way to live by conducting weekly Bible lessons, activities, games, giving out candy and prizes, and singing praise and worship songs.


By preaching the gospel to the poor in spirit, our goals are to:


Establish personal, trusting relationships with the children, and their parents, by meeting on a weekly basis.


Teach and show them the love of God before they turn to drugs, crime, gangs, or a promiscuous lifestyle,


Heal the brokenhearted, so they may see the saving grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ and be delivered from the bondage of sin and,


Have the results tremendously impact their community by creating positive influences for the children, respect for themselves, their family and others, and acceptance Jesus Christ.




Why are we not living like missionaries right here at home? After all, God had only one Son, and He made Him a missionary. Jesus calls us to be missionaries, too! He said that just as His Father sent Him into the world, He was sending us (John 20:21). We are to be on mission in our everyday lives with the goal of sharing the Gospel as we go. (Matthew 28:18-20). Missions are not just about crossing the sea with the Gospel. It is also about crossing the street with the Gospel. Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church is a great opportunity to join in the Great Commission. I endorse this ministry without hesitation.

Ricky Powell, Senior Pastor
Fort Caroline Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL


This ministry uses biblical principles to teach children and their parents a better way to live by conducting weekly meeting at various low-income, high crime communities throughout Jacksonville.  With all a church has to offer, except walls, the children learn about Jesus Christ.


Kimberly was named President in April 2015.  She had been an active missionary with Sidewalk Funday School for about a year, when Betty Traylor, the Founder, was diagnosed with cancer.  Betty picked her, mentored her and knew she would be the one to lead the ministry into the future.  She is doing an outstanding job!


Kimberly and Richard have served in several foreign mission fields, but are really excited about this local mission that allows them to include their daughter and does not require passports, shots or using their vacation time. They are both humble, loyal servants who love the Lord and seek to minister to those around them, especially children and their families.


I highly recommend, without any reservation, Sidewalk Funday School, A Children’s Church, lead by Kimberly and Richard, as a way to fulfill the Great Commission.


Because of Him,


Mac Brunson, Pastor

First Baptist Church, Downtown

Jacksonville, FL



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