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Pray - Please pray for the children who can't go to church, who don't know Jesus and yet, every week, they come to the ministry site, eager to hear the Good News.  Pray for the ministry of Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church, as we take the church to the playgrounds of the children, lighting the way for them to a saving faith in Jesus, so their names will be found written in the "Book of Life".

Offerings - After the tithe, offerings were required.  First fruits, animals, food, and money are some examples of offerings from the Bible.  We certainly appreciate every donation we receive.  However, we would really prefer to receive money.  Here's why:

We know what we need concerning gifts for each age group for the Christmas party and other events.

We know what we need concerning office and ministry site supplies and equipment.

However, if you have an item you think we can use, PLEASE call Kimberly Hansen - 904-545-5336

The benefits to you!

You don't pay sales tax. 

You receive a tax deduction. 

You don't have to go to the store. 

You don't have to deliver the item to us.



Participate - Before you sacrifice hundreds of dollars, two weeks’ vacation, get a passport and vaccinations to go on an international mission trip across the ocean, will you spend two hours a week to go on a local mission trip across town?


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