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"Why are we not living like missionaries right here at home? After all, God had only one Son, and He made Him a missionary. Jesus calls us to be missionaries, too! He said that just as His Father sent Him into the world, He was sending us (John 20:21). We are to be on mission in our everyday lives with the goal of sharing the Gospel as we go. (Matthew 28:18-20). Missions are not just about crossing the sea with the Gospel. It is also about crossing the street with the Gospel. Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church is a great opportunity to join in the Great Commission. I endorse this ministry without hesitation."


Ricky Powell, Senior Pastor

Fort Caroline Baptist Church

Jacksonville, FL

Photo from fcbcjax.com/staff

Listen to Pastor Heath Lambert, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church Jacksonville speak about Sidewalk Funday School.

"Sidewalk Funday School is reaching untold numbers of children for Christ in a segment of our City that is unreached and desperately needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their team is well equipped with hearts for children and a burden to see them and their families reached for Christ."


I highly recommend, without any reservation, Sidewalk Funday School, A Children’s Church, led by Kimberly and Richard, as a way to fulfill the Great Commission."

Because of Him,

Mac Brunson, Pastor

Valleydale Church

Photo from fbcjax.com

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